Construction Staking Services In Charlotte


Construction staking is also called the site layout survey. This process requires understanding construction plans and involves marking locations for new structures like buildings and roads being developed. The process of construction staking is done to ensure that the project is built according to the engineer’s design plans. Our land surveyors are prepared to assist with your construction staking needs. We can help you plan out property improvement and construction projects of all sizes. It also helps to ensure that your project is completed promptly and on budget. If this is important to you then we hope to hear from you soon.
Land Surveyors and Construction Staking
Precise construction staking is crucial to ensuring the success of any size construction project. This is also why it is so important to rely on an experienced, licensed surveyor to accurately perform the survey. During site development, our surveyor will take the architect and engineer’s design plans and put stakes in the right location on the ground to that sub-contractors can put the roads, buildings, fences, and other structures in the right place.  
Types of Construction Staking
We perform two types of staking: rough grade staking and site layout staking.
Rough Grade Staking – this defines the location where site improvements and reference the location and grade elevations. This is when slopes, parking lots, and building outlines are being constructed. It allows the contractor to grade and get the site ready for the sub-contractors.
Site Layout Staking – After the site has been inspected and approved by a local agency, the contractor can begin moving into the various construction stages for underground utilities, buildings, retaining walls, street paving, lighting, and parking lots. The site layout staking usually starts with underground features, such as storm drain lines, sewer lines, electrical lines, and more.
Hire Our Qualified Professionals
Make sure that you are hiring a certified and licensed professional to handle your construction staking. They will provide the most comprehensive survey possible. Their years of training and their credentials prove that they can handle the job. They have received the necessary training and have the experience needed to properly produce the results that are needed and are sure to assist in keeping your construction project moving forward. We have assembled the most qualified team of professional surveyors at Charlotte Land Surveyor. Rely on us to ensure that you also complete your project on time.
Quality and Complete Surveys
When a construction project is underway, there is a lot to consider. Some people may assume that since they have done this so many times before that they don’t have to rely on anyone to do it for them. However, sometimes the magnitude of a project may determine whether you should hire a professional service to assist with your survey needs. If you require construction staking, then get in touch with one of our qualified land surveyors. We have experience working on all types of construction projects.