Mortgage Surveys Charlotte, NC


When you need a mortgage survey, there is only one company in Charlotte, NC to depend on and its Charlotte Land Surveyor. Before you buy a home or deed any real estate, you should know what you are getting yourself into by having a mortgage survey done. It doesn’t require that our surveyor just walks around the property, as the things that need to be evaluated and can’t bee visually seen. A real investigation of the property will include a physical inspection that will enable us to determine if there is any work that needs to be done. We’re prepared with the necessary tools and equipment to perform your mortgage survey.
Who Should Get A Mortgage Survey
You might be wondering who should get and pay for a mortgage survey. This is usually determined by who is requesting the survey. In some cases, it is the buyer who requests the survey, in which case they will be responsible for paying for it. However, the seller may want it for their records, therefore, they may be the ones willing to pay to have this type of survey done. It is a good idea to have a mortgage survey done especially if you are using a loan to purchase the property.
What Does A Mortgage Survey Identify
The mortgage survey is intended to identify any fences, buildings, landmarks, sheds, and other buildings on the property. It determines any land boundaries or buildings’ locations. The survey will help understand if the structure being purchased meets the necessary North Carolina zoning codes and building codes. They are sometimes considered plot plans. Identifying the aforementioned will prevent you from purchasing something that doesn’t rightfully belong to you in whole or in part, as it could create a problem for you in the future. Avoid this by having a mortgage survey conducted first.
Types of Mortgage Surveys
Our surveyors at Charlotte Land Surveyor conduct two types of mortgage surveys, a mortgage location survey, and a mortgage inspection survey. A mortgage survey is used and requested by the lender and the title company to determine if any major buildings are occupying the land, which might include a garage, shed, or another house. It will also indicate if the property is free of encroachments. The inspection survey is what is provided when you buy a home, either the buyer or seller will request this survey. Call on our expert surveyors to receive a complete and comprehensive mortgage survey.
Hire Our Qualified Surveyor
Hiring a qualified surveyor with years of experience will serve you well in the end. The last thing you would want is for some years to go by and something to pop us that costs you thousands to resolve in court. Rely on our reputable and reliable qualified surveyors at Charlotte Land Surveyor and you’re sure to receive the most thorough and complete survey possible. A qualified surveyor has your best interest in mind when they are inspecting the property that you are considering purchasing.