Property Surveys In Charlotte, NC

A property survey is typically performed to establish the location of your property lines and to determine the real property’s parcel of land corners described in the deed. This type of survey also describes the extent of an easement or encroachment. It may also show any limitations that have been placed on the property by the state and/or local regulations. This might include utility lines crossing the property adjoined to a neighboring property, which could be crossing through a property to get to a public road. 
Who Should Get A Boundary Survey
Anyone who is buying any type of property should have a boundary survey performed. This is done before buying, making improvements, subdividing or building on the land. Performing the parcel before any of these things occur allows you to avoid any future disputes, the aggravation of being sued, or moving a building. It’s important to map out everything and know exactly what you are getting into before acting too quickly. We have a team of experts who qualify to assist with any of your surveying needs, including your boundary survey.
Typical Method for A Boundary Survey
We begin the survey by measuring, mapping, and marking the boundary lines of the land. The surveyor is responsible for thoroughly examining the historical records that are related to the property you are considering purchasing, along with the land around it. This search will generally include the Registry of Deeds but could also include:

  • The Registry of Probate
  • Town offices
  • County Commissioners Offices
  • The Department of Transportation
  • Historical Associations
  • Previous owners
All of this is done to be certain that you have as much evidence of the boundaries of the property that you intend to purchase.
Surveyor Field Work
The field work starts once the research has been completed. It helps to establish a network of the traverse. These are used to identify existing monuments and any other evidence of the property’s boundaries. The field work only represents a third of the surveying work performed. The results of the field work are compared to the research and then our surveyor can reconcile the information to provide you with a final conclusion regarding the property boundaries. You will receive a complete picture of the boundaries surrounding the property from our experienced Charlotte surveyors.
What Affects the Costs
There are a number of factors that will determine the cost of your boundary survey. At Charlotte Land Surveyor we consider the size, vegetation, terrain, season, and the property location. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing if any deeded monuments are missing that might not be in agreement with the description until our surveyor gets deep into the surveying process. However, you’ll receive the property, in-depth information once the boundary survey has been completed. Contact us today and let us get started on your project. Our qualified experts can survey any size property, big or small.

How Much Does A Property Survey Cost In Charlotte?

There are a number of things that will factor into your property survey cost. The size, age, and how long it will take one of our land surveyors to survey the property are the biggest factors. If you know the address of the home or building that needs a property line survey, then feel free to give us a call and we can get you an exact estimate for your property survey cost.