Topographic Surveys For Charlotte North Carolina


You may require and topographic survey and when you do we hope that you’ll consider relying on Charlotte Land Surveyor for your survey. A topographic survey identifies where natural as well as man-made features are located on a piece of land, such as trees, buildings, fences, etc.). This might be required by a local government agency and is generally used by architects and engineers for developments or improvements on the property. This type of survey lets you know the precise figures of the height, size, and exact location of the various changes that may have happened over time with regard to their natural existence. These are sometimes used to develop plans for draining, ditches, drainage or other features.
When To Get a Topographic Survey
This type of survey is usually conducted before ownership of land is given to anyone else or when and if the owner is planning on making any sort of alterations on the land. The primary focus of a topographic survey is on the elevation from the ground and not the horizontal measurements. Our surveyor will use a topographic map to show terrain relief that shows ground elevation, often through spot elevations or contour lines. The map is used for the vertical and horizontal positions that are represented. The scale of the survey conforms to the needs of our client. A contour interval that is smaller requires more measurements and will cost more.
Topographic mapping is used because it is more efficient and precise. This is due to the advances in technology, instrumentation, printing and design technology, and the ability to use aerial photography and satellites. It is possible for us to now create a 3-D topographic and interactive map that will show the whole landscape, rivers, mountains, and building details. This data is often used in AutoCAD programs.
Methods for Topographic Surveys
The topographic survey consists of both vertical and horizontal plane surveys. Here are some of the most popular techniques to used to accomplish this:

  • Photogrammetry – This method requires stereographic pairs of photographs to measure the objects located on the ground and will calculate the point coordinates and any height differences.
  • GPS – GPS satellites orbit the earth to decide the position of GPS receivers in the ground, while they are moved from one point to another.
  • GIS – GIS combines layers of digital data from various sources and manipulate and analyze the different layers as they relate to each other.

What is Included
A typical topographic plan includes:

  • Set up horizontal and vertical control that serves as the surveys framework
  • Identifying location along the horizontal axis and elevation of ground points to gather enough information for plotting once the map is done
  • Drawing the map
  • Locate man-made and natural features needed for the goal of the survey
  • Computes distances, elevations, and angles

A topographic survey is important for developers, land owners, and architects, since they need a three-dimensional representation of the land. Charlotte Land Surveyor offers you the most accurate topographic land surveys, which is why our services are often preferred over many other land surveyors in Charlotte.